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Point Barber Pre & After Shave Oil 30 Ml

Emollient oil for shaving and post-shaving Moisturizing and soothing oil, blend of natural oils of argan, olive, sunflower, camellia and sweet almonds. Softens scalp and beard before shaving and soothes irritation, ensuring skin balance after shaving. 30 ml

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The product contains a selected blend of natural vegetal oils, each one with a specific action, which contribute to improve the functional conditions of the skin, protection its general state.
In the formulation, the mixture is composed by oils obtained from argan, olives, sunflower, camellia and almonds which, with their properties, soften skin and beard before the shaving and soothen the itch and irritation after the shaving, respecting the natural balance of the skin.


• Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil
The Argan Oil is obtained pressing the kernels of the Argania Spinosa, endemic tree from the Morocco, belonging to the Saponataceae family. About the 80% of the oil is composed by unsaturated fatty acids (linoleic 34%, linolenic 0,1% and oleic 46%), and then also palmitic acid (13%) and stearic acid (5%). It’s rich also in tocopherols, flavonoids, carotenoids and xanthophylls, sterols and triterpenes. These components, apart from their biological effects and their nourishing benefits, provide the Argan Oil with a high stability against oxidative processes, granting it a better conservation. Thanks to the high concentration of essential fatty acids and vitamin E, the Argan Oil ensures the moisturising of skin, hair and beard, it favours the oxygenation of the cells, it protects the skin from external aggressions neutralising the free radicals. It’s a fast absorption oil which provides a feeling of softness, smoothness and silkiness.

• Helianthus Annus Seed Oil
Limpid fluid, colourless, extracted from sunflower seeds, herbaceous summerflower native of Peru, introduced in Europe in the XVIIth century. It’s an oil composed by fatty acids, among which stands out the oleic and linoleic acids for their high concentration. Very rich also in minerals and vitamins, precios for health and wellness. Applied on the skin, it prevents and and slows down the ageing of the skin thanks to the high content of Vitamin E, which acts as antioxidant against the oxidative stress. It also develops a soothing action on the skin and on irritated mucous membranes. It’s a neutral oil, fast absorbed, perfect for dry and oily skins.

• Camellia Oleifera Seed Oil
The camellia seed oil is a natural vegetal oil, produced from the seeds of the Camellia Oleifere flower, a plant from the Orient belonging to the Theaceae family.
The oil is composed mainly by oleic acid (83%), vitamins A, B, E, squalene and polyphenols. It’s a clear oil, with a delicate, fluid and light consisntency, with a soft scent, not oily and easy to absorb by the skin.
Thanks to the beneficial substances it contains, the camellia seeds oil is a perfect allied for hair and skin. The retinol contained in vitamin A stimulates the production of collagen, while the tocopherol of vitamin E neutralises the action of free radicals and blocks the events that determine the oxidative stress of the cells.
The japanese women know by tradition the healing and polishing power of the camellia seed oil also for the hair: it deeply nourishes dry ends and brings smoothnes and silkiness on lifeless, brittle, dull hair. This is why it’s a perfect nourishing treatment.

• Olea Europaea Fruit Oil
The olive oil is among the richest in oleic acid (about 62%), the most abundant among the mono-unsaturated fatty acids present in our body, with great nourishing and emollient properties for the skin. Apart from the oleic acid, The olive oil contains about 15% of linoleic acid, 15% of palmitic acid and 2% of stearic acid.
It is also contained an unsaponifiable fraction of between 1 and 2%, which provides this oil of a significant concentration of antioxidant active ingredients such as: phenolic compounds, chlorophyll, vitamin E, phytosterols with a repairing and anti-inflammatory action, and squalene, one of the main components of the skin surface.
The olive oil has antioxidant properties, it protects from the harmful action of free radicals and prevents the effects of ageing. It’s a rich emollient oil that deeply nourishes the skin and regulates the natural moisturising system. It has also a soothing action on the reddening and on irritations, and it is well tolerated also by the most sensitive skins.

• Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil
The almonds oil is composed of about 30% of linoleic acid, about 65% of oleic acid and, for the rest, palmitic acid and stearic acid; the oleic acid, present in a higher percentage, is the one that confers the almonds oil its emollient and elasticising properties for hair and skin. It’s an oil with almost no scent, easy to apply and easily absorbed by the skin.
When used on massages, the almonds oil protects the skin against dehydratation, it has a tonifying action, it activates the reparation of the skin, and it soothens itch and irritation. It’s indicated for dry and very dry skins, fragile and delicate skins, and in case of irritation, burns and cracked skin.

Dose few drops on the palm and distribute the product with a soft massage on the skin before and/or after the shaving, as needed.


– Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
– Keep container tightly closed in a cool place.

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