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Point Hair Spray Grease 400 Ml

SPRAY POLISH Extreme shine with this hair spray grease. It guarantees a soft texture that lasts for a long time. 400 ml

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Preparation in spray to apply on hair aiming to protect them from the adverse environment conditions and leave them shinier. The protecting action of the spray is due to the vaseline oil which, once settled on the hair shaft, it works as a screen, protecting the hair from harmful external agents (smog, wind, sunlight, etc.).
The formula is enriched with Ceramide 3, with a valid conditioning action, which leaves the hair more resistent to the environmental stress.

• Paraffinum Liquidum
Also named vaseline oil, this substance is formed by a liquid mixture of hydrocarbons obtained through high level refining processes of crude oil.
Applied on hair, the oil builds a thin film which apart from protecting it from external aggressions, it contrasts dehydratation, providing smoothness and shininess.

● Ceramide 3
This substance, biotechnologically obtained, belongs to the ceramide family, lipidic molecules naturally found on the cell membranes.
The ceramids are the basilar components of the epidermic stratum corneum where they occupy the interstitial spaces between the cells and cement them, contributing to the integrity of the skin barrier, blocking the the way in of harmful substances and preventing the water loss. Also the lipid component of the hair is partially formed by ceramids, which strenghten the cohesion of the corneum cells that build the cuticular cortical layers of the shaft, preserving the internal structure of the hair and the uniformity of its surface.

Apply a limited amount of product. In fact it’s enough a brief and homogeneous distribution.


– Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
– Keep container tightly closed in a cool place.

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