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Superlative Color with Ammonia 100 ml

Hair colouring creams in 97 shades, able to cover grey hair or change the natural colour of the hair.

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For each shade, the colouring action on the hair is due to a combination of substances that generate colour by oxidation. These substances are applied in a special creamy base characterised by a basic pH due to the presence of ammonia in the appropriate concentration.

The cream develops colour only when mixed with a “developer” consisting of an emulsion containing titrated and stabilized hydrogen peroxide which is available in four different concentrations (10, 20, 30 and 40 volumes) according to the desired result.

The entire colouring process is done in this sequence:

– the cream is mixed with the oxidizing emulsion and then distributed over the entire surface or the parts (roots, lengths, ends) of the hair to be treated;
– the ammonia contained in the product causes the opening of the keratin scales (which constitute the hair cuticle), which allows the dye mixture to reach the cortical layer below;
– the colour-formers penetrate into the hair and, in contact with the oxygen released by the hydrogen peroxide, associate in molecular aggregates that develop the colour (coupling reaction);
– these molecular aggregates have such dimensions that they remain trapped in the cortical layer of the hair, colouring it permanently.

In order to minimize the risks of unwanted reactions on skin and hair, the creamy base of each shade has been enriched with moisturising and protective substances. All formulations are free from para-phenylenediamine, a substance which may often cause reactions of contact dermatitis.


In the formulas of the 97 dye creams there are many colour-formers, belonging mainly to the chemical classes of aromatic diamines and amino-phenols, phenols and naphthols. The colour-formers are homogeneously dispersed in the vehicle cream, which, after mixing with the oxidizing emulsion, are well dispersed on the hair thus encouraging a gradual and uniform dying action.

To protect the hair from chemical damage following the colouring process, there are active ingredients in all the coloring creams that protect the cuticle layer and the cortex of the hair, making it soft.

Hydrolyzed Keratin
Given its affinity with human keratin, this protein derivative is able to attach to the cuticle layer of the hair, increasing its thickness to help make it stronger.

Argania spinosa Kernel Oil
This fluid is obtained by cold pressing the seeds contained in the fruits (drupes) of Argania spinosa, a wild plant belonging to the Sapotaceae family, that only grows in the arid zones of Morocco and in the surrounding areas of North Africa. On the trichologic level, the oil hydrates and strengthens the hair, particularly when the hair is dry, brittle and worn out. It also counteracts the appearance of split ends.

Hyaluronic Acid
The main property of hyaluronic acid is that it links together a large number of water molecules so as to maintain the elasticity of the tissues and hydrate the skin. Applied on brittle or damaged hair, hyaluronic acid, in its pure form or as sodium salt, uses its extremely flexible molecular conformation to penetrate the torn cortical areas of the shaft, thus reconditioning damaged hair from the inside and returning it to the proper degree of hydration.


Choice of oxidizing emulsion:
10 volumes for covering gray hair, tone-on-tone coloring, toning
20 volumes for covering gray hair, coloring, lightening one shade.
30 volumes for covering gray hair, coloring, lightening two shades;
40 volumes for covering gray hair, coloring, lightening three shades.
Use superlightening shades with 40 volumes for highlighting and lightening four shades.

Mix in a non-metallic container one part cream and one and a half parts oxidizing emulsion. For superlightening shades, mix one part cream and two parts oxidizing emulsion. Use the prepared color mixture immediately.

Application on hair that has never been colored
Apply the prepared dye mixture on the lengths and ends. Let it develop for at least 30 minutes. Remove the excess product without rinsing. Prepare a new mixture and apply to the roots, lengths and ends. Let it develop with set times proportional to the oxygen concentration used. Rinse.

Application on previously colored hair
Apply the dye mixture on the regrowth. Let it develop for set times proportional to the oxygen concentration used. After the development, emulsify the product by adding a little warm water and distributing it on lengths and tips. Let it develop while carefully monitoring the set times. Rinse.

Note: During coloration, recoloring or toning after another hair treatment (bleaching, decoloring, perming, etc.), the set times are to be carefully monitored.

Final treatment
Elapsed set time, gently rinse the hair with warm water, wash with BULPOSHAP REGENERATING SHAMPOO and apply BULBOSHAP REGENERATING CONDITIONER.

Additional information

Weight125 g

1- Black, 10- Blonde Platinum, 10.0.1 Natural Blonde Platinum Cold, 10.01c Blonde Platinum Ice, 10.03 Blonde Platinum Warm, 10.1 Blonde Platinum Ash, 10.1c Blonde Platinum Cold, 10.2 Blonde Platinum Iris, 10.21 Blonde Platinum Ash, 10.23 Blonde Platinum Golden, 10.3 Blonde Platinum Golden, 10.32 Blonde Platinum Iris, 11 Blonde Extra Platinum, 11.01c Blonde Extra Platinum Ice, 11.1c Blonde Extra Platinum Cold, 3 Dark Chestnut, 4 Chestnut, 4.01 Natural Chestnut Cold, 4.03 Natural Chestnut Warm, 4.1 Chestnut Ash, 4.2 Chestnut Iris, 4.44 Chestnut Intense Copper, 5 Light Chestnut, 5.01 Natural Light Chestnut Cold, 5.01c Light Chestnut Ice, 5.03 Natural Light Chestnut Warm, 5.1 Light Chestnut Ash, 5.1c Light Chestnut Cold, 5.2 Light Chestnut Iris, 5.3 Light Chestnut Golden, 5.34 Light Chestnut Golden Copper, 5.4 Light Chestnut Copper, 5.42 Light Chestnut Copper Iris, 5.5 Light Chestnut Mahogany, 5.66 Chestnut Red Intense, 6 Dark Blonde, 6.01c Dark Blonde Ice, 6.01Natural Dark Blonde Cold, 6.03 Natural Dark Blonde Warm, 6.1 Dark Blonde Ash, 6.1c Dark Blonde Cold, 6.23 Dark Blonde Iris Golden, 6.3 Dark Blonde Golden, 6.32 Dark Blonde Golden Iris, 6.34 Dark Blonde Golden Copper, 6.4 Dark Blonde Copper, 6.42 Dark Blonde Copper Iris, 6.5 Dark Blonde Mahogany, 6.66 Dark Blonde Intense Red, 7 Blonde, 7.01 Natural Blonde Cold, 7.01c Blonde Ice, 7.03 Natural Blonde Warm, 7.1 Blonde Ash, 7.1c Blonde Cold, 7.2 Blonde Iris, 7.23 Blonde Iris Golden, 7.3 Blonde Golden, 7.32 Blonde Golden Iris, 7.34 Blonde Golden Copper, 7.4 Blonde Copper, 7.42 Blonde Copper Iris, 7.44 Blonde Intense Copper, 7.66 Blonde Intense Red, 8 Light Blonde, 8.01 Natural Light Blonde Cold, 8.01c Light Blonde Ice, 8.03 Natural Light Blonde Warm, 8.1 Light Blonde Ash, 8.1c Light Blonde Cold, 8.21 Light Blonde Irisee Ash, 8.23 Light Blonde Iris Golden, 8.3 Light Blonde Golden, 8.32 Light Blonde Golden Iris, 8.4 Light Blonde Copper, 8.42 Light Blonde Copper Iris, 8.66 Light Blonde Intense Red, 9 Very Light Blonde, 9.01 Natural Very Light Blonde Cold, 9.01c Very Light Blonde Ice, 9.03 Natural Very Light Blonde Warm, 9.1 Light Blonde Ash, 9.1c Very Light Blonde Cold, 9.2 Very Light londe Iris, 9.21 Very Light Blonde Irisee Ash, 9.23 Very Light Blonde Light Iris Golden, 9.3 Very Light Blonde Light Golden, 9.32Very Light Blonde Golden Iris

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