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Bioactive Hair Treatment Action Amp Adjuvant Anti-Loss Ampoules

Trichology lotion for shock action, adjuvant for preventing hair loss due to the presence of active that regularize the physiological cycle

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The product is a water-alcohol solution that thanks to the presence of active ingredients, each with specificity of action, contributes to improve the functional conditions of the hair bulb, favouring a state of integrity and renewal of the scalp. In particular, to obtain this effect in the formula we find AUXIN TRICHOGEN, a balanced complex of vegetable active principles, which stimulates the proliferation of papillary cells along with Zinc, Vitamins, Wheat proteins, mucopolysaccharides and yeast extract: all useful substances to support the normal metabolism of the basal layer of the epidermis and upper (papillary) dermis.

The preparation also contains panthenol, moisturizing and emollient action on hair and scalp and carbocysteine, a substance which is able to limit an excessive sebum secretion, often cause scalp irritation. To ensure greater safety of use, the product is free from Parabens, SLES (Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate) and SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate), colorants and is tested to verify the levels of Nickel, Cobalt, Chromium, Palladio and Mercury, which are the main metals responsible for skin sensitization.

– AUXIN TRICHOGEN (Tussilago farfara (Coltsfoot Flower Extract, Achillea millefolium Extract, Cinchona succirubra Bark Extract) Balanced complex of active plant ingredients that thanks to the presence of flavonoids, terpenes and tannins in Coltsfoot and Yarrow and quinoline alkaloids in Chincona, has properties purifying and anti-inflammatory for irritated skin and exerts a strong stimulating and regenerating action on the hair bulb.
– Zinc Aspartate Zinc salt of aspartic acid. Essential component for a considerable number of enzymes is one of the most important trace elements of the human body. Among its features: it is a powerful antioxidant and protects cells from aging. It has a protective function on the skin and accelerates the heal wounds and burns, stimulating the good function of the immune system. The deficiency of this element can lead to increased exposure to infections, impaired wound to heal, tiredness, reduced ability to concentrate, rash and alopecia.
– Pyridoxine HCl (vitamin B6 or) and riboflavin sodium phosphate (vitamin B2). These compounds have intense stimulating action on the hair bulb as they regulate many biochemical reactions inside the organism indispensable for cell growth and tissue repair. Both responsible for the sebum-normalizing the skin.
-Niacinamide Also known as vitamin PP or vitamin B3 exerts antioxidant action because it is an important component of the co-enzymes involved in the transport of oxygen and has an inhibitory action on the production of sebum. – Carbocysteine The carbocysteine, or S-carboxymethylcysteine, is a derivative of cysteine sulfide, capable of releasing active sulfur which in the skin undergoes a slow transformation originating disulfides, sulfide and alkali pentationic acid. These substances have normalizing-sebum properties can prevent seborrhoea dermatitis.
– Extract Faex Extract obtained from cells of Saccharomyces, unicellular fungi that are particularly important in the process of leavening bread or must fermentation: Saccharomyces cerevisiae, known as yeast. Since such cells are extracted essential amino acids, peptides, nucleosides, vitamins (including all those of the group B) and mineral salts, all useful substances to encourage the regular metabolism of the dermal tissue, as well as the hair follicles organically present in its thickness.
– Panthenol Compound precursor of pantothenic acid, or vitamin B5, natural element of the hair, with properties which are substantivizing and conditioning for the keratin. Panthenol also exerts a moisturizing and skin restoring on the skin.

1) Break the ampoule using the purpose-provided ampoule opener.
2) Apply to towel-dried hair previously washed with Bioactive Hair Treatment Action Shampoo Adjuvant Anti Hair Loss.
3) Distribute the content of one ampoule evenly throughout the hair.
4) Gently massage into hair and scalp. 4) Do not rinse and style your hair as usual.

The “shock” treatment involves the application of 3 ampoules per week for 4 weeks. If necessary, repeat again for 4 weeks (8 weeks in total), otherwise use Bioactive HT essential oil for an intensive treatment, for 4 weeks. Repeat the treatment at least twice a year in spring and autumn.

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