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Bioactive Naturalis Botanic Mask

Moisturizes protects and extends the effect of the dye. Apply to clean wet hair and leave for 2 – 3 mins. Rinse out thoroughly. pH4.5.

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Mask with a fresh fragrance which, thanks to the presence of Thyme and Olive extracts, nourishes and protects the hair, prolonging the duration of the colour, while leaving the hair soft and shiny. The product contains 94% of natural ingredients.

• Thymus vulgaris Leaf Extract The thyme, thymus from the Greek umos = perfume, is a fragrant plant consisting of a small shrub, belonging to the Laminaceae family. The drug is extracted from the leaves and flowering tops. The essential oil is mainly composed by thymol at 50%, then we find tannins, flavonoids (luteolin) and triterpenoids. Its use is indicated as an astringent and for purifying, as a stimulant-balsamic for the skin and as a general body sanitizer.
• Olea europaea Leaf Extract The extract from Olea Europeae leaves is chemically composed of iridoid glycosides (oleuropein, oleoside) and flavonoids (luteolin, apigenin, olivine). It has strong antioxidant and astringent properties. It is an interesting ingredient for the formulation of cosmetic preparations, intended to protect the skin from the aggression of free radicals, responsible for skin ageing and for the treatment of impure skin.

After cleansing with BIOACTIVE NATURALIS BOTANIC SHAMPOO, dab and apply BIOACTIVE NATURALIS BOTANIC MASK on all the hair, comb and leave on for 5/10 minutes and rinse thoroughly, carefully.

EXTERNAL USE Avoid contact with the eyes, if necessary, wash them with water. Keep away from heat, with the cap closed.

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Weight8.8 g

1000ml, 230ml, 7ml

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