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Performance Tech Ammonia Free Anti-Yellow Light Blue Bleaching Powder

Bleaching hair powder without ammonia, extremely fine and compact. It grants excellent bleaching results while respecting the air structure. The product is recommended for: bleaching on dyed, damaged and very delicate hair.

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The combination of the powder to the oxidizing emulsion, develops a soft, compact and easy to apply cream that does not swell, drip or dry during application time. Another characteristic of the powder is to mask the possible physiological yellowing of the hair, thanks to the presence of a synthetic dye of intense blue hue, which binds to the keratin of the stem and overlapping with yellow, makes the hair appear white.


● Potassium Persulfate
● Sodium Persulfate
Persulfates contribute to the bleaching of hair while reinforcing the action of hydrogen peroxide.

1.Dilution ratio: 1:2 part of bleaching powder plus two parts of Performance Oxy Ready oxidizing emulsion.
Attention: place the mixture in a non-metallic container.
2. Oxidizers that can be used: PERFORMANCE TECH OXY READY 10-20-30-40 volumes, according to hairdresser’s evaluation
3. Processing time: 15 to 60 minutes, according to hairdresser’s evaluation


The product contains peroxides. Observe the special cautions carefully::

– Do not heat over 40 ° C during the application.
– Avoid contact with skin.
– Avoid inhalation and ingestion the powder.
– Wear protective gloves.
– If the product comes into contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. If irritation persists, seek medical advice.
– 48 hours before the application of the product, should be carried out a skin sensitivity test as follows: clean thoroughly with water and soap or with eau-de- Cologne a piece of the skin (about 1 cm 2) either at bend of the arm or behind the ear. Apply the mixture to this surface area, leave to dry and wait 48 hours without rinse. If after 48 hours no reaction occurs, you can use the product. If during this period any irritation or swelling or itching occurs, wash off immediately and do not proceed any further.
– Do not use on damaged or impoverished hair.
– Do not use if the scalp is broken, inflamed or sensitive.
– Do not use on eyebrows or eyelashes.
– Keep away from heat with closed cap, in a fresh and dry place.

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