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Superlative Hair Bleaching Cream

Hair bleaching cream with a high bleaching power. The blend texture allows to perform quick and safe processing techniques.

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Thanks to the combination of the product to the oxidizing emulsion, whatever the volume of oxygenated water in Superlative Oxy, it always develops a soft, compact and easy to apply cream that does not swell, stick or dry during application time.


ACTIVE INGREDIENTS OXIDIZING AGENTS (Potassium persulfate, Sodium Persulfate, Ammonium Persulfate)

Persulfates contribute to the bleaching of hair while reinforcing the action of hydrogen peroxide



Before use, handle the envelope to fluidify the product.

  1. Dilution ratio: 1:2 – one part of bleaching cream plus two parts of Superlative Oxy oxidizing emulsion. CAUTION: MIX IN A NON-METALLIC BOWL
  2. Oxidizers that can be used: Superlative Oxy 10 – 20 – 30 – 40 volumes, according to the hairdresser’s evaluation.
  3. Processing time: maximum 45 minutes according to the hairdresser’s evaluation.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Hair decolorization and décapage also near the skin. Ideal for bleaching techniques on natural color or very destructured dyed hair. 1.


  • Never employ for other use than that the one described.
  • Do not use in contact with scalp or in case of sensitive, irritated or non-intact skin.
  • Do not use to bleach eyelashes or eyebrows.
  • Wear appropriate gloves
  • Avoid contact with eyes; in case of accidental contact rinse abundantly with water. Rinse well at the end of application.
  • Keep away from heat with closed cap.

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Weight53.81 g

250ml, 40g

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