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Point Barber Shaving Cream 200 Ml

SHAVING CREAM Shaving cream based on Glycerin and Coconut Oil, ideal for frequent shaving. It gives a pleasant effect to the touch, leaving the skin soft and hydrated. 200 ml

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The shaving cream is a soap formed by the mixture of glycerin and water: this mixture is naturally obtained in the process of saponification, that is, the treatment of natural fats, the triglycerids, with sodium and potassium salts. Adding very little water to the product confers to the resulting emulsion a basic pH that softens the hair, making the shaving easier. The presence in the formulation of high concentrations of vegetable glycerin and coconut oil protect the skin of the face confering it softness and preserving its physiological hydrolipidic film from the stress of the shaving.

● Glycerin
Trivalent aliphatic alcohol widely present on nature: it’s the precursor of triglycerids, the most common basilar substances that compose the vegetable oils and the animal fats. The substance is strongly hygroscopic because of the electrostatic atracting action exercised by its components, three hydroxyl groups, on the water molecules. Thanks to this property, it develops a strong moisturising and emollient action on the epidermis.

● Cocos nucifera Oil
The coconut oil is obtained with pressing techniques of the Cocos Nucifera pulp, well-known tropical palm belonging to the Arecaceae family, widespread throughout the Pacific area. The main components of this oil are the glycerid esters of fatty acids lauric, myristic, palmitic, caprylic and oleic, and on the skin they perform an emollient and filmogenaction that blocks an excessive loss of water of the tissues. The properties of the coconut oil have been well-known for centuries by the population of the tropical regions, who use it to protect the body and protect the skin against dryness and premature ageing due to the action of the solar radiaton.

After moisting the face skin with water, lather the area to be shaved with a shaving brush with an apropriate amount of cream. Apply it with rotating movements of the brush to create a soft and homogeneous foam. Then proceed with the shaving.


– Do not use on irritated or excoriated skin
– Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
– Keep container tightly closed in a cool place.

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