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Point Barber Shave & After Shave Gel 100 Ml

SHAVE & AFTER SHAVE GEL Ideal gel for shaving and after shaving. The moisturizing, emollient and soothing properties of Panthenol help shave avoiding skin irritation. 100 ml

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The formulation is a water-based and enriched with glycerin, moistening agent, allantoin (with anti-inflammatory properties), Sodium PCA and Panthenol, moisturising agents for the skin. These substances contribute to keep the skin soft and smooth, conditions which easen the shaving and reduce the irritation trauma.
The presence of menthol in the formulation confers the product a good refreshing effect.

• Glycerin
The glycerin is widely common in nature as it is a component of triglycerids, substances that compound the vegetal oils and the animal fats.
The glycerin is strongly hygroscopic because of the electrostatic atracting action exercised by its components, three hydroxyl groups, on the water molecules. Thanks to this property, it develops a strong moisturising and emollient action on the epidermis.

● Allantoin
The allantonin is a healing and antioxidant substance, which contributes to the repairing processes of the epidermis. It’s present either in the animal and in the vegetable kingdom, and it’s naturally present in the human body, where it takes part in the formation of epithelial tissue, developing an important dermo-repairing action; it has moisturising properties, which makes it suitable to treat dry, dull and cracked skins. The allantonin is also a good antioxidant, and as such it neutralises the free radicals, contributing to confront the signs of ageing. The presence of this molecule is fundamental particularly after the shaving because it protects and helps the skin to recover its integrity, confronting reddenings, irritations, cuts and ingrown hair. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has qualified allantonin as a secure and effective protective agent for the skin.

● Sodium PCA
Sodium salt of pyrrolidonic-carboxylic acid, organic cyclic compound with moisturising properties, is the main component of the hydrophile fraction of the skin hydro-lipidic film. In fact, it represents about the 12% of the natural moisturising factor (NMF). Its functional hydrophilic groups confer the molecule its capacity to bind and keep water, while the presence of negative electric charge, which interacts with the positive charge of the epidermic keratin, gives the products good conditioning properties of the skin. The compound is easily absorbed by the skin and prevents aridity and dryness problems.

● Panthenol
The panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) is easily absorbed by the skin and transformed in panthotenic acid, which is a compound of the coenzyme A. It possesses an excellent ability to keep humidity and this helps to keep the skin elastic and moisturised. This favours the epithelial regeneration and performs an unreddening and dermotrophic action. On clinical tests it could be observed a better healing on patients affected by ulcerous, supurative and itchy inflammation of the skin. It is also used on burns, eczemas, abrasions and medical injures in which it determines the formation of soft and smooth scar tissue, opposing to skin shrinkage and cracking and to the formation of keloids.

● Menthol
Extract obtained from the leaves of Mentha Piperita, the menthol is a cyclic monoterpene with antiseptic properties. On the skin it provides a tonifying and refreshing action when applied on small amounts. In fact, it’s recommended its use with concentrations lower than 10%, to avoid the risk of allergic contact dermatitis. As well known, the refreshing effect of the menthol is due to its ability to excite the nerve endings present on the epidermis that are sensitive to the cold: such action provides a feeling of freshness, limited only to the region of the skin the compound gets in touch with.

Moisten the fingers with an appropriate amount of gel in order to apply it with a soft massage on the shaved areas of the face.


– Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
– Keep container tightly closed in a cool place.

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